Raid 5

Andy Bradford amb-plug at
Fri Dec 2 15:39:39 MST 2005

Thus said Steve Meyers on Fri, 02 Dec 2005 15:13:39 MST:

> Yeah, but it takes bloody forever  to rsync a maildir. Of course, I've
> only tried that on ext2/ext3. Is it faster with others?

That's  only  if you've  let  the  no-quotas cat  out  of  the bag.  :-)
rsync'ing a Maildir could definitely cause problems with users that have
millions (even hundreds  of thousands) of messages in  a single Maildir,
however, I would  be willing to bet that the  average number of messages
that people keep is not enough to impact rsync that much. But I would be
afraid of having an mbox that  large... At least recovering from a crash
in  the  middle  of an  rsync  of  Maildir  would  be much  easier  than
recovering from a crash  in the middle of a 500MB  mbox folder since you
only risk corruption of one message instead of the entire file.

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