Difference between Mstar, iProvo and Utopia

Greg and Jill Jepperson gregjill at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 11:55:01 MST 2005

I have had Mstar for almost a month now.  The internet speed is pretty
good.  I don't think it is as fast as advertised but it is plenty fast
for me (I came from 256k DSL).  I also have their phone service, which
I have a few issues with.  It works pretty well but isn't really
reliable.  At times I have a hard time calling in or will lose audio
on half the conversation.  The callerid just shows the number.  You
can definitely tell it is VoIP with the delays connecting and a bit of
echo in the connection.

In all it is cheap and works acceptably well.  For $41 a month, I
don't expect a lot I guess.  I do need to get another cell phone for
when the phone service is down though.

If you just want cheap service, MStar seems to be the way to go.  If
you want reliability and super high speed, I'd go with Xmission or
maybe AT&T (http://www.usa.att.com/fiber/index.jsp).

Btw, an Xmission sales rep confirmed they will be offering phone
service soon.  Anyone know anything about it?


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