Raid 5 (was: Mounting of Linux volumes)

Jeff Schroeder jeff at
Thu Dec 1 21:37:33 MST 2005

Michael wrote:

> The way  I look at it, for my persona use, my home directory is most
> important.  So if I'm going to use Software RAID-5 to get lots of
> storage, I'll put my home directory there, along with my general
> storage area.  Then I run a separate root disk and mount it in.  The
> Linux install itself is expendable.  my data isn't.

That's my approach as well.  I have one (relatively) small boot drive 
that's non-RAID, and a gigantic RAID-5 data partition.  I use it for 
all of my music, pictures, documents, yada yada.  If the boot drive 
goes south, no big deal-- reformat and reinstall.  There's also the 
potential to take the three RAID-5 drives and move them to another 
server if necessary.

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