Raid 5 (was: Mounting of Linux volumes)

Ross Werner ross at
Thu Dec 1 20:12:37 MST 2005

On Thu, 1 Dec 2005, Michael Torrie wrote:
> On a related subject, what do each of you do for backup?  As I get ready
> to build the 7 TB machine (brand to be determined), backup is a huge
> concern.  Tape is too expensive.  Removable disks seem like my only
> option.

For backups I don't think there's a better way to go (as evidenced by 
earlier threads) than rsyncing to hard drive. Both at home and at work, I 
have an extra set of drives for whatever I'm backing up, typically in the 
same (or larger) configuration. For example, if the drives are in RAID, 
RAID the backup drives as well as the live drives.

If off-site backups are important, do the initial mirroring on-site and 
then rsync nightly from an off-site location. If you want incremental 
backups, use the hardlinking flag on rsync (--link-dest).

I don't think there's any backup solution that can compare in terms of 
speed, reliability, ease of restore, ease of setup, and cost.

 	~ Ross

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