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Matthew Ross Walker matt at
Thu Dec 1 17:15:08 MST 2005

Ross Werner wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Dec 2005, James Clawson wrote:
>> I will access the volume as root as you suggested.  As for the second
>> disk, it was RAID 5, and your response was pretty much what I
>> suspected.  Oh, well.
> Since we're on the subject of RAID, what's the speed difference like
> between RAID 1 and RAID 5? Is that pretty much the only benefit of RAID 5?
> RAID 5 seems nearly impossible to recover from anything apart from a
> single drive failure--any sort of data corruption, or a power outage, or
> pretty much anything unexpected can render your data unsalvageable,
> especially if you're using software RAID ... whereas with RAID 1, you
> always have the option of just treating the disk like a normal drive.
> Are there compelling reasons to use RAID 5 over RAID 1? The convenience
> factor of RAID 1 just seems to outweigh all performance benefits of
> RAID 5, especially when you factor in recovery time and things like that.

I thought RAID 5 was fine and dandy, until we had 3 drives go bad. 2 of
them in a 3 Drive array, and our 1 hot standby.

We had to send them to data recovery, and it took weeks for them to get
them working. Turns out 'something', probably some kind of power
fluctation had wiped the firmware on those 3 drives. They had to
reprogram them to get them back online.

Since then, RAID just hasn't seemed that great to me. To make it
effective as disaster prevention, you have to go with RAID1, or 0+1, and
you have to have a significant number of drives in the array.

If you're just looking for greater storage space, and loss of data isn't
an issue, definately go with RAID0.

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