SGI Indy

James Clawson jclawsonx at
Thu Dec 1 04:27:03 MST 2005

I have a Silicon Graphics Indy computer which I bought several years  
ago from someone on this list.  I have the Indy, the SGI monitor,  
Indy Cam, keyboard, and mouse, and an IRIX 5.3 install CD, but no  
SCSI CD Rom drive.

I originally purchased the computer to port some old source code that  
I wrote years ago on an SGI to BeOS and Linux.  Once that project was  
complete, I  allowed a friend to use it for a while.  Though I love  
SGI computers, I do not have a need for it anymore.

  I am not trying to sell the computer.  Instead, I would be happy to  
give the computer to someone on the list, as an expression of  
gratitude for the many times people on this list have helped me with  
various Linux questions.

If you are interested in the computer, please contact me off-list at  
jclawsonx at  I will not ship the computer, so if you want the  
machine, you need to be willing to pick it up, either from my home in  
Cedar Hills, or at my office in Salt Lake.

I can not make any guarantees as to the functionality of the  
computer, though the person who used it last informed me that it  
still worked.  I must also ask that you format the drive once you get  
the computer.


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