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Andy Bradford amb-plug at bradfords.org
Wed Aug 31 20:19:23 MDT 2005

Thus said Jayce^ on Wed, 31 Aug 2005 20:07:29 MDT:

> Actually, There  is good  mathematic reason  for the  existing system.
> Fractions.  Basically,  it's  a  whole   lot  easier  to  find  common
> denominators in  the imperial measurement  system, and thusly  do more
> complex division in ones head.

In a practical  sense, it is a lot  easier for me to weigh  100 grams of
flour and double  or triple the recipe  than it is to  measure triple or
double 1 1/ 3 cups of flour.

I don't often take a recipe and cut it in half, although finding half of
100 is much  easier (at least for  me) than finding half of  1 1/3 cups.
Maybe if a recipe were written as 4/3 cups, but who measures in that way
when dealing with  fractions? I certainly haven't seen  a recipe written
as requiring 4/3 cups flour.

Maybe I'm missing your point... Could you provide an example?

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