OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Jayce^ jason at infogenix.com
Wed Aug 31 20:06:59 MDT 2005

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Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> Doran Barton wrote:
>> Just run your car on hydrogen extracted from water!
>> http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/watercar/h20car2.htm

> Have you seen hydrogen burn?  If you could find a way to store it so it
> were not so volatile this would be an awesome way to drive.  Can't wait
> for the first head on collision, and see the hydrogen explosion.

I wish I could find the links right now, but they have gotten around
this.  GM actually has a fleet of cars now that run on hyrdogen, quite
efficient, and of course, clean.  A lot of people are against it though,
for various reasons, much like other alternative fuels that have
promise.  Apparently they've gotten over a lot of the expenses in
creation of the hydrogen as was brought up in response to your message.
 That side I don't know much about at all though, so google away for
opinions on the validity of that.
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