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Wed Aug 31 20:05:20 MDT 2005

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James Clawson wrote:
> I do not wish to start a flame war, but I wonder if people who make 
> comments like this have read the US Constitution lately.  No one in  the
> Federal Government or the governments of the respective states  has the
> responsibility or the AUTHORITY 

This is a key point, why is it we expect the government to do all the
work/payout of the tasks listed below?  It *shouldn't* do that, that's
not the job of the government.

>> Does our government not realize this is killing the average American?
>> Has the president even made a comment about how this is hurting
>> families? 

Yes, he has, but the fact is he is the last person who really should do
anything about it.  *IF* we believe that the government should put it's
hands into things and mess this up (as it has been) then the legislature
 should be doing something about it.  This last century has shown an
increasing belief that the office of the president should be enacting
'his' policy, when he should be just enacting the policies of the
legislative branch.

Point where you will for blame, they're all guilty.

>> Or -- maybe they don't care as they get money from the oil
>> and auto companies to get them elected and tax the crap of out gas to
>> pay their salary?  Or maybe its because they have state owned cars
>> where they don't have to pay for gas?
>> We can put a man on the moon.
>> We can send a probe to land on mars.
>> We can invent nuclear weapons.
>> We can fly in the air.
>> We can cure most medical problems.
>> We can now communicate instantly anywhere in the world.
>> We can watch live sporting events from anywhere in the world.
>> Then why in the hell can't I get more than 30mpg in my car?  Maybe
>> something bigger is at play here ........

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