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Andy Bradford amb-plug at bradfords.org
Wed Aug 31 17:43:02 MDT 2005

Thus said Doran Barton on Wed, 31 Aug 2005 16:54:34 MDT:

> I don't understand it.  Most of the people I know  who are not college
> educated think the metric system is stupid and difficult to learn.

Most of the people I know  who are college educated don't understand the
metric system. Only  chemists and physicists seem to have  a firm grasp.
But the majority  of majors don't help a person  know anything about the
metric system.

The  problem  is  lack  of   use.  Since  nobody  uses  metrics,  nobody
understands  it.  Even  though  mathematically  we  may  understand  how
superior it  is, without the touch  of experience to build  upon, people
resort to mathemtical calculations to figure  out that 1kilo of wheat is
2.2lbs, etc...

How did  you learn the  English measurement system? You  used cookbooks,
instructions, and  other examples in real  life to learn. Just  like you
learned English. Sure you studied it  at school, but school didn't teach
you how  to speak, only how  to write (and possibly  speak) with correct
grammar. The  same is true  of learning just about  anything; experience
counts for a lot of the assimilation of knowledge.

> There are definite advantages to  converting a society from english to
> metric, but it WOULD be a  revolutionary change in the U.S. would take
> years or decades to implement.

This is true.  People are basically lazy and won't  change unless forced
too or unless given good enough reasons to do so. Its sad but true. This
is  also why  the majority  of people  use Windows---habit  is a  strong

> I would  say, yeah,  it's worth it,  but there are  a lot  of (stupid,
> uneducated?)  people involved  in public  policy in  this country  who
> won't see it the way I do.

I'm not sure that  public policy is really the way  to make people learn
metrics, but I for one wouldn't mind  if the road signs changed from MPH
to KPH.

Try this for fun.  Switch all your scales and digital  tools in the home
to the metric scale. See how long before your significant other barks at
you about it.

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