UTA isn't a solution for everyone

Doran Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Wed Aug 31 16:55:11 MDT 2005

dtwarnick at mmm.com wrote:
> Lacking is an understatement. Two of my most recent trips to other parts of
> the country (Boston MA and Champaign IL) confirmed to me that public
> transit on the wasatch front is lacking. The nearest bus stop to my home (I
> live at the mouth of American Fork canyon) is about 6 miles away. For me to
> get to work and home using public transportation requires 6 transfers and
> 12 miles of bike riding. :-(
> -Derek

You don't need to go out of the state to see the gross (and I mean
DISGUSTING) inadequacies of the huge sucking machine known as the Utah
Transit Authority. Take a short drive (yeah- I know. gas. blah blah blah.) to
Logan and ride one of the Logan Transit District buses from Main Street to
the USU campus. Fare price: FREE. How do they do it without taxing the hell
out of the populace of Logan? They let a private company (Dave
Transportation, headquartered in Denver, CO) manage the LTD for the city.

After your pleasant (and cheap) ride on a LTD bus in Cache Valley, come back
and ride the $1.40 ride on a UTA bus and ponder the multiple six figure
salary of John English, general manager of UTA and the fact he is really
answerable to no one let alone the taxpayers at large.

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