OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at uvlug.org
Wed Aug 31 16:37:11 MDT 2005

Jonathan Ellis wrote:
> That's called "avoiding the bleeding edge."  There's good reasons for
> taking that approach, ones that are hardly unique to Americans.
> -J

I hardly think that the metric system is "bleeding edge".  It has been 
around for how many centuries?

It would seem to me that all high-tech and semi-tech industries use 
metric.  For example doctors use "CC", computer technicians use "MHZ", etc.

But the common person prefers to have there speed signs saying MPH 
instead of KPH, and even $4.00 per gallon, instead of $1.05 per liter.

I just thought of a great marketing ploy.  We could start advertising 
saying, gas prices are now $1.05 per liter instead of $4.00 per gallon! 
  People would be lining the streets to get gas.  :-)


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