OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Richard Esplin richjunk1 at byu.net
Wed Aug 31 15:21:56 MDT 2005

This was my experience while in Europe. Much of the increased taxes are used 
to subsidize mass transit, making it an affordable and practical alternative 
to driving. Somehow the higher price didn't bother me as much when I had the 
deluded hope of the government doing something constructive with the money, 
instead the empty feeling that comes from helping an oil baron afford a 
bigger yacht (or worse).

I would rather have us choose higher gas prices through taxation, then have it 
forced on us by insatiable demand (because of our cultural lifestyle) during 
a time of limited supply.

Richard Esplin

On Wednesday 31 August 2005 15:11, Jacob Fugal wrote:
> I've been remembering something I read recently in the paper (just
> before Katrina). I don't have the sources they used off the top of my
> head, so feel free to correct or doubt. Anyways, they had a chart that
> compared US gas prices to european prices. The interesting bit is they
> broke down the pre-tax and tax components of the price. Across the
> board, raw prices were about equal, with the US being cheapest by a
> small margin (5-10%). But taxes in almost any european country were
> nearly %100, doubling the price of gas. The taxes in the US were about
> 10-15%. As a result, US gas is several dollars cheaper per gallon. And
> that savings is in taxes, not raw price.
> Jacob Fugal

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