OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Andy Bradford amb-plug at bradfords.org
Wed Aug 31 15:06:37 MDT 2005

Thus said James Clawson on Wed, 31 Aug 2005 14:37:08 MDT:

> I do not  wish to start a flame  war, but I wonder if  people who make
> comments like this have read the US Constitution lately.

It seems to me that lately the  U.S. Constitution is more of a political
playing card  that gets used  whenever it  is convenient. It  has become
more of a living document than the actual ``law of the land.''

> No one in the Federal Government  or the governments of the respective
> states has  the responsibility or  the AUTHORITY to control  the price
> of  gasoline or  of  any  other consumer  product,  or  to impose  MPG
> restrictions on automobiles.

If  only we  lived in  a  truly free  market, this  wouldn't sound  like
economic theory...  How about we  start by eliminating  the rediculously
high gasoline tax?

> The  high cost  of gasoline  can only  be addressed  by building  more
> refineries and by drilling for oil within the US.

Agreed. When can we start in Alaska?

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