OT - Gas to hit 4.00

Greg Felix gregfelix at airwired.net
Wed Aug 31 14:34:43 MDT 2005

> We can put a man on the moon.
> We can send a probe to land on mars.
> We can invent nuclear weapons.
> We can fly in the air.
> We can cure most medical problems.
> We can now communicate instantly anywhere in the world.
> We can watch live sporting events from anywhere in the world.
> Then why in the hell can't I get more than 30mpg in my car?  Maybe
> something bigger is at play here ........

You can get more than 30mpg in your car if you have the amount of money
it takes to do any of those things you listed above. (Even a fraction of
that money will do)  It's the same answer to the question: 'why doesn't
every last home have a fiber-optics connection? We have the technology!'

I won't disagree that there are many political reasons behind rising
prices. Nor will I disagree that more should be done to increase
transportation efficiency.  But you're barking up the wrong tree(s) and
in the wrong forum.

Has there ever been a PLUG-OT mailing list?


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