Linux Daytrading apps?

Steve smorrey at
Wed Aug 31 06:26:28 MDT 2005

Hello everyone.
I have a friend whom, I've been proselytizing Linux to now for over a 
year, and last night he came over because he somehow managed to screw up 
his windows box.  While here he decided to check his email and he was 
really impressed with my desktop setup, so now he wants to make the 
switch to linux.
Problem is he's a daytrader, and all the daytrade apps we could find 
were windows only.
I have netraverse Win4Lin, and most of these apps won't even run under that.
This is his only holdback, and so I started searching on my own for a 
linux friendly daytrading app.
I'm coming up empty handed...
Any ideas?

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