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Matthew Ross Walker matt at
Tue Aug 30 17:21:52 MDT 2005

Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> To celebrate Opera’s 10th Birthday is offering everyone a
> free full version of Opera, for one day only. Until version 5 Opera did
> not have a free version of its popular web browser, but now offers a
> free version supported by adverts within the browser. Today, however, on
> their 10th Birthday Opera is offering everyone a free ad-free version of
> its web browser.
> To download a free version just head over to, and to get
> your free registration click on the link below and get a registration
> key to use to unlock the browser. Remember, the offer is only available
> today as Opera celebrates its 10th Birthday.
> News source: Get your free Opera registration code
> <>
> Download:
> <>

I just did this, and they give you a code for every platform Opera runs
on. Great for those of us who like having multiple browsers for testing
and troubleshooting.

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