AMD Athlon -- clock run 2x faster under linux

justin gedge jgedge at
Tue Aug 30 16:07:46 MDT 2005

unfortunately-- none of the ``easy'' solution [like passing kernel 
options] have appeared to work.

I do appreciate the feedback though-- and after following some of the 
threads that Tyler handed me-- it looks like I've got the same problem 
that many others have seen with ATI chipsets... and that I need to brace 
myself for a nice kernel compile.  It's been 3+ years since I've had to 
recompile a kernel-- so I'm definitely a bit rusty-- but hey, if it 
fixes the problem it'll be worth it... I'll throw in the correct drivers 
for the video while I'm at it.

Also-- Peter Howe recommended the site.  a very interesting 
site-- unfortunately-- I'm a little scared of using a Dr. DOS bootdisk 
when HP specifically mention winXP-- not sure if the winFlash util they 
give requires some of the XP api's etc... interesting thing I came across though-- the FreeBIOS. 

Not sure if anyone has any experience with this-- but here's what I'm 

I've currently got bios F.17 on my machine.  Current bios is F.19.  I'm 
thinking I can download/compile the FreeBIOS utilities.  It appears that 
they have utilities for reading and writing bios images.  Well-- If the 
util can read out my F.17 bios and say the cksum is the saem as the bios 
image I get from hp-- then there may be a good shot of the utility being 
abel to write an image.

To get the images from hp-- I believe the .exe files they have are self 
extracting zip files that contain the winFlash utility and the bios image.

it's an idea [that seems a little more fun -- and SCARY than installing 
winXP for a short spell].  I guess if I totally fubar the system I can 
take it back to compUSA-- excercise the warranty support and claim that 
[somehow] the power glitched [on a laptop with a battery] while I was 
flashing the bios.

Justin Gedge

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