AMD Athlon -- clock run 2x faster under linux

justin gedge jgedge at
Tue Aug 30 13:16:59 MDT 2005

Tyler Strickland wrote:

On 08/30/2005 12:28 PM, Tyler Strickland wrote:

> Have you tried upgrading your kernel?  Your bios?  

How do you update the bios?  I've got Version F.17 and HP shows a 
version F.19 on their site-- the problem is that all they provide is an 
exe file that needs to be run under winXP-- after wrestling dual boot 
issues for a few days I decided it wasn't worth the hastle and the 
wasted partition.  Anyone have suggestions on how to do this?

back in the days of win9x I could do all this stuff jsut fine-- but I've 
been able to avoid any serious work in the windows world for 5+ years 
[it's been kind of nice actually].  But anyways-- in win9x-- I would 
have made a basic boot floppy or something like that to get a command 
prompt and just run the exe from there--

now-- I'm not sure where to begin-- I've got a winXP distro disk-- but 
that doesn't want to give me a command prompt [does it?]  It just wants 
to install the whole mess.  Is there a light weight version of XP like a 
bootable cd-rom that could load up and let me run this?

Justin Gedge

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