AMD Athlon -- clock run 2x faster under linux

justin gedge jgedge at
Tue Aug 30 11:57:16 MDT 2005

Recently bought an hp laptop [hp pavilion zv6170us].  It's a fairly nice 
machine with an AMD Athlon64 in it.

Still not done wrestling the ATI drivers-- so I get to live with a 
stretched out XGA until I get the drivers for video figured out-- but I 
can handle that just fine.

The real issue that's burning me up right now is the system clock is 
running faster than it should -- like 2x faster.

SuSE tech support recommended passing the noapci to the kernel at 
bootup.  This fixed the clock bus disabled networking.

The next bit of advice was to pass the notsc option to the kernel-- this 
didn't appear to fix anything.

I've looked at the /etc/adjtime file-- and this provides a mechanism for 
clock skew-- but it's for stuff like a 5 sec drift per day or something 
small like that-- it doesn't deal with 2x differences in the system 
clock.  I could try  just ntp -- but again-- this is for small changes 
when your system clock works [but happens to be off by less than 10 

Anyone ever see anything like this before?

oh-- the typical info-- running SuSE93 the X64 version for the athlon 

Justin Gedge

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