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Dennis devel at
Mon Aug 29 15:10:38 MDT 2005

Steve wrote:

> What would you add to the personal blog of a family psychologist?
> Are you looking maybe make it look more like

They have developed a lot of learning/education material for student
teacher relationships and marriage counseling.  They also have an
evaluation test to help people find out what types of things they need
to do to improve their relationships.  There is a lot of work to do on
the distribution of activities and the test/scoring implementation.


> Dennis wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> The company I work for is looking to get a site developed
>> ( through a contract position.  The wage is
>> negotiable depending on experience.   The site can be developed in
>> whatever works but the project already has some content written in PHP.
>> They expect the job to take at least a month or two but it will last
>> until it is done.  They need someone who can help with design, layout,
>> graphics, usability, as well as the content management (database,
>> scripting, etc).
>> If you're interested, send a resume to scott at
>> Feel free to flame away or contact me back if you want more details (Not
>> that I have them all).  Maybe someone on the utah php list can forward
>> this there since I'm not on that list :D.
>> Thanks
>> Dennis
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