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Steve smorrey at
Mon Aug 29 15:02:07 MDT 2005

What would you add to the personal blog of a family psychologist?
Are you looking maybe make it look more like

Dennis wrote:

>Hi All,
>The company I work for is looking to get a site developed
>( through a contract position.  The wage is
>negotiable depending on experience.   The site can be developed in
>whatever works but the project already has some content written in PHP.
>They expect the job to take at least a month or two but it will last
>until it is done.  They need someone who can help with design, layout,
>graphics, usability, as well as the content management (database,
>scripting, etc).
>If you're interested, send a resume to scott at
>Feel free to flame away or contact me back if you want more details (Not
>that I have them all).  Maybe someone on the utah php list can forward
>this there since I'm not on that list :D.
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