installing Sun JDK on Fedora Core 4

Joel Finlinson joel.finlinson at
Mon Aug 29 10:28:49 MDT 2005

On 8/26/05, Russel Caldwell <caldr704 at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to intall Sun JDK on a machine that has Fedora Core 4 on it
> but I'm getting a message that it can't run in graphical mode and it
> suggests running the installer in -console or -silent mode. When I run
> it in -console mode I get a similar message and when I run it in
> -silent mode it seems to install but I can't find the installed
> package afterwards. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to
> install it? Also, I've run into a Redhat document that suggests to
> manually install the Sun Java tarball but I have not been able to find
> a tarball. Does it exist and if so where is it?
> Thanks.
> Russ Caldwell

   Have you tried following these instructions from Stanton Finley?

   I've found that he has lots of helpful steps for installing apps
for FC3 and FC4

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