Adding an existing drive as second drive

Ross Werner ross at
Mon Aug 29 08:34:56 MDT 2005

On Mon, 29 Aug 2005, Al Byers wrote:

> I am running SUSE 9.1 and I would like to throw in the main drive from an old 
> RH 9 machine and get some info off of it. The system sees it as /dev/hdf but 
> I can't mount it or determine its filesystem (I guess there could be 
> several). Does this have something to do with the way that the super block is 
> written? Anyway, is there a way around this problem?

Are you doing "mount /dev/hdf /mnt/mountpoint" rather than
"mount /dev/hdf1 /mnt/mountpoint"? You'll have to do the latter to 
actually mount the partitions (first partition is 1, second is 2, etc).

If you don't know what all the partitions are, you can do:
"fdisk /dev/hdf" followed by the command "p" (print the partition table), 
followed by "q" (quit without saving changes). That will give you a list 
of all the partitions, their filesystem types, and their relative sizes. 
(If you already know all this and are having different problems, please 
ignore this email :-)

On that note, does anyone else happen to know another/easier way to print 
the partition table without dabbling in fdisk?

   ~ Ross


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