installing Sun JDK on Fedora Core 4

Shane Hathaway shane at
Fri Aug 26 09:58:45 MDT 2005

Ross Werner wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Aug 2005, Russel Caldwell wrote:
>> I'm trying to intall Sun JDK on a machine that has Fedora Core 4 on it
>> but I'm getting a message that it can't run in graphical mode and it
>> suggests running the installer in -console or -silent mode.
> I would suggest building RPMs for the JDK using JPackage. RPMs are much 
> easier to install/uninstall/use to resolve dependencies than tarballs or 
> Sun's .bin installer.

I agree, though I'll add that knowing multiple ways to work around ugly 
graphical installers in Linux is a useful skill.  Here's what I do, as root:

   export XAUTHORITY=/home/shane/.Xauthority
   export DISPLAY=:0

... then I can run the graphical installer as root.  Yes, it's both 
insecure and ideologically impure.  I need no reminder of that. ;-)

Another strategy is to try to install as a normal user into your home 
directory.  This works with Skype.


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