SCSI CD burner

Steve smorrey at
Sat Aug 20 20:05:29 MDT 2005

Gary Thornock wrote:

>I have an external SCSI CD burner and CD-ROM drive taking up space
>in my house, which I'd be happy to sell if someone has a use for it.
>By way of description, this is a single external SCSI case with its
>own power and fan, with an HP 40x CD-ROM drive and a Sony 8x4x32
>CD-RW drive.  Both drives work great, but since my desktop system
>died the death about a year and a half ago, and my laptop doesn't
>have a SCSI card (and does have a built-in DVD burner), I have no
>more need for them.
>If you'd like them, email me off list.
>- Gary
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Just curious but did any home systems ever include SCSI, or has it 
always been a server thing?

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