Flamewar about a flamewar [Flamewars Anonymous]

Alan Young alansyoungiii at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 04:25:09 MDT 2005

> I was thinking about it, and I think we could start a therapy group
> called Flamewars Anonymous.  We could register flamewarsanonymous.com.
> Everyone at some point has been flamed, so we would have an unlimited
> supply of customers.  I bet we could charge $5 per hour for group
> therapy.  We could make a fortune of off other people's problems. Any
> entrepreneurs interested in a awesome money making idea?


"Well, I was told outside that..."

"Don't give me that, you snotty-faced heap of parrot droppings!"


"Shut your festering gob, you tit! Your type really makes me puke, you
vacuous, coffee-nosed, maloderous, pervert!!!"

"Look, I CAME HERE FOR FlamewarsAnonymous, I'm not going to just stand...!!"

"OH, oh I'm sorry, but this is Flamewars Lovers."

"Oh, I see, well, that explains it."

"Ah yes, you want room 12A, Just along the corridor."

"Oh, Thank you very much. Sorry."

"Not at all."

"Thank You."

"Stupid git!!"

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