Asterisk AGI and Java

Derek derek at
Fri Aug 19 13:56:39 MDT 2005

  I was wonering if anybody has had experience with any of the following 
Java AGI implementations and if so whether or not they could recommend 
any of them.
    Jast AGI

  Basically what I will be doing is answering a call on Asterisk, 
retrieving information from a CTI server that I have a persistent 
connection to, playing a message based on information returned from CTI 
and hanging up the call.

  Based on the above requirements, I need to know if AGI is the 
recommended Asterisk technology.  The object I create needs to stay 
running so it can send/receive events with the CTI server while waiting 
for calls to come in and communicate with the CTI server once a call has 
been delivered.  Since this is written in Java I do not want it to 
launch the application everytime a call comes in on an extension.  From 
what I have read about AGI is that it communicates over stdin,stdout and 
stderr.  The documents I have read almost make it sound like the script 
or application is launched everytime a new call comes in.


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