Mac OS X Tiger problems with Samba 3.0.14a on Debian

Louis Zirkel lzirkel at
Thu Aug 18 13:16:06 MDT 2005

Wade Preston Shearer wrote:

> Correction:
> The problem is that 10.4 is configured to send encrypted passwords  (and 
> there is not an option to force plain text on a per case or per  account 
> basis). So, you have two solutions: disable the encryption or  upgrade 
> your server that it can accept encrypted passwords. I would  suggest the 
> later as (1) you should be anyway and (2) if you disabled  it on the 
> client then it will be disabled for all SMB traffic.

There must be more to it than simply that because both of my samba servers are 
set to encrypt passwords.  The older one (2.2.3a-15 according to dpkg) works 
just fine, but the new one (3.0.14a-3) does not.  Both have "encrypt passwords = 
true" in the config file.

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