Mac OS X Tiger problems with Samba 3.0.14a on Debian

dataw0lf digitalsuicide at
Thu Aug 18 12:31:33 MDT 2005

Erik R. Jensen wrote:

> I am hoping someone on the list may have experienced this as well. I've
> spent quite a bit of time on google and tried sever different things short
> of teaching him how to mount the share from the command line. Ideas /
> possible solutions would be appreciated.

There's a similar problem with XP Pro (maybe only SP 2 ?) authenticating
with Samba PDCs.  They use a different authentication mechanism, and you
have to actually disable it in the much-loathed Registry. I know I spent
a good hour or two trying to figure it out after upgrading several
coworkers machines from 2000 to XP Pro.  I'll take a wild guess and say
that they did a similar change in Tiger.


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