Flamewar about a flamewar(was RE: Interesting Quote (pleasekill me))

dataw0lf digitalsuicide at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 12:26:46 MDT 2005

Josh Coates wrote:

> this prompts a few thoughts:

> 2 - where is dataw0lf to defend me from this vicious personal attack?

Only deserving parties receive that.

> 3 - there must be a lot of 'josh makes me feel bad, i'm going to get him
> someday' feelings pent up on this list.

I don't think you make anyone feel bad;  you just seem to waste way too
much time on attacking people personally.  And taking things out of
context.  And the mailing list equivalent of scroll trolling.  And
jumping to rushed conclusions.

> geesh people, if you have something to say to me, send me an email - no need
> to snipe at me from the sidelines.

Heh.  I truly hope you meant that to be laced thickly with hypocrisy.
You certainly could've either 1) asked me exactly what was meant by my
website post or 2) emailed me privately about it or 3) both.

Hey, but I'm a gay basher and a sexist, so what do I know?


Joshua Simpson -- dataw0lf.org
Lead Network Administrator/Engineer Aero-Graphics Inc.
jsimpson at aero-graphics.com

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