Mac OS X Tiger problems with Samba 3.0.14a on Debian

Wade Preston Shearer lists at
Thu Aug 18 12:28:33 MDT 2005

> I experienced this exact issue when I upgraded to tiger.  I have a  
> debian server running woody and samba and it works.  I have another  
> debian server running sarge and samba and it does not.  I did some  
> searching and what I found was that this was a known problem with  
> changes in the security subsystem within tiger and there was at the  
> time no known fix that I could track down.  I've been hoping that  
> it would be repaired, either on the samba side or the tiger side  
> but have found no help.  I'm sorry to be the bearer of such news.   
> If you find any different please let me know.

The problem is that 10.4 is configured to send plain-text passwords  
(insist on encrypting them). So, you have two solutions: disable the  
encryption or upgrade your server that it can accept encrypted  
passwords. I would suggest the later as (1) you should be anyway and  
(2) if you disabled it on the client then it will be disabled for all  
SMB traffic.

See this page for more information:
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