Mac OS X Tiger problems with Samba 3.0.14a on Debian

Louis Zirkel lzirkel at
Thu Aug 18 12:18:47 MDT 2005

Erik R. Jensen wrote:

> A client of mine recently upgraded his powerbook to Mac OS X Tiger (10.4)
> and is now unable to connect to a samba server I have running on a Debian
> stable system:
> aimserver:~# smbd --version
> Version 3.0.14a-Debian
> He is using the proper username, password and share name but the systems
> always tells him the credentials are wrong. He is able to connect using a
> windows box with the same credentials and was also able to connect
> previously using Max OS X 10.3.
> I am hoping someone on the list may have experienced this as well. I've
> spent quite a bit of time on google and tried sever different things short
> of teaching him how to mount the share from the command line. Ideas /
> possible solutions would be appreciated.

I experienced this exact issue when I upgraded to tiger.  I have a debian server 
running woody and samba and it works.  I have another debian server running 
sarge and samba and it does not.  I did some searching and what I found was that 
this was a known problem with changes in the security subsystem within tiger and 
there was at the time no known fix that I could track down.  I've been hoping 
that it would be repaired, either on the samba side or the tiger side but have 
found no help.  I'm sorry to be the bearer of such news.  If you find any 
different please let me know.

Louis Zirkel III  <lzirkel at>
SysAdmin/DBA -- Century Development Solutions

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