DIY Media Client?

Eric Jensen eric at
Wed Aug 17 09:33:39 MDT 2005

Steve wrote:

> The other thing I was thinking to add would be a networking setup of
> somekind, the MB has an ethernet port, so my most obvious idea would
> be to simply hook a linksys wirless game adapter to it, and have it
> ride my WLAN thereby saving me the trouble of stringing wires.
MythTV is what I'm using and I like it for the most part.  I think the
biggest headache you will run into is streaming over wireless.  I have
never had any luck with that. You can set buffer requirements on your
players if you don't mind waiting 30+ seconds for your video to play. 
That seems to help, but even then I've had problems.  I found it was
worth running gigabit personally.  If your wireless setup actually does
work just fine, please tell me what equipment you have. ;)  I am using a
54mbps Linksys with a variety of cards like Trendnet and... hmmm...
forgot the rest, but they were all supposed to be great.


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