DIY Media Client?

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Wed Aug 17 09:20:06 MDT 2005

On Tuesday 16 August 2005 07:32 pm, Steve wrote:
> The main question then would be what would be the best software for
> streaming in video from my gentoo box and outputing it to the TV with
> the minimum of user intervention.
> I'm of course looking for FOSS solutions, so does anyone here have any
> experience doing this sort of thing?

I can think of two solutions right off,

simple - videolan
more complex - MythTV

My vote would be for MythTV--a much more powerful and flexible solution.
But, to just get video to the box the videolan client can stream from a 
webserver even--you could just set up apache on your server and you'd be 

I'm sure there are many other FOSS solutions available as well.


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