DIY Media Client?

Steve smorrey at
Tue Aug 16 19:32:16 MDT 2005

Hello everyone-
I've recently come into possesion of a couple of fairly new looking MB's 
K7SOM+ is the only identifying characteristics on the MBs.
It gave me the idea that I should maybe make them into some kind of 
Media Client.
What I'm looking to do is use my current desktop PC which has over 100 
gigs of stored media, DVD's CDs DVD-RIPs etc, as a server and stream the 
data to a client box hooked up to my big screen.
The MBs have onboard integrated video as well as 3 open PCI slots, my 
plan thus far is to get a video card with TV-OUT and disable the onboard 
video in the bios.

The other thing I was thinking to add would be a networking setup of 
somekind, the MB has an ethernet port, so my most obvious idea would be 
to simply hook a linksys wirless game adapter to it, and have it ride my 
WLAN thereby saving me the trouble of stringing wires.

The main question then would be what would be the best software for 
streaming in video from my gentoo box and outputing it to the TV with 
the minimum of user intervention.
I'm of course looking for FOSS solutions, so does anyone here have any 
experience doing this sort of thing?

Thanx in advance.

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