Flamewar about a flamewar (was RE: Interesting Quote (please kill me))

Eric Jensen eric at emstraffic.com
Mon Aug 15 13:37:17 MDT 2005

Josh Coates wrote:

>oh come on now - the plug list isn't bad at all.  let's put things in
>when people get passionate and strong opinions are voiced, generally
>speaking, good things happen - people learn new things, and unlearn old
Although there were some informative e-mails in that last thread, some I
even saved permanently, I would say most of it wasn't very usefull at
all. I was hoping to get more reasons why a language works better then
another instead of just vague lashing out.  If you are going to be
passionate, be passionate about what is better about a language instead
of what is worthless about another.  Personally, that's what I find to
be most informative.


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