Thoughts on Perl6

Mister E Mister.Ed at
Mon Aug 15 11:33:16 MDT 2005

Jason Hall wrote:

> On Sunday 14 August 2005 12:32 am, Mister E wrote:
>>So true!  however, even if I did outsource, I'd want to be able to read
>>it or be able to hire someone local that could... that is only downfall
>>I can see... the extra cost of hiring an interpreter in addition to a
>>programmer (if it's outside my or my team's knowledge set).
> Actually this isnt' really a problem, as it's very easy to set a rule 
> requiring a syntax, or style you want, locking people out from doing things 
> you wouldn't be able to read.  If you needed it.

have you seen this as pragma thingy on PERL 6, cause I haven't looked 
into the "upgrade" all that much yet.


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