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Jason Hall jason at
Mon Aug 15 08:59:40 MDT 2005

On Sunday 14 August 2005 11:46 am, Greg Hill wrote:
> (someone correct
> me if I'm wrong about that, but there is a utf8 module, and supposedly
> it lets you code in unicode, from my understanding).

The UTF8 in perl5 doesn't provide *that* functionality.   Perl5 does have some 
modules allowing for you to program in other languages, but you need a module 
for each specific language.  And currently Damian (who created them) has only 
done a couple of languages, and those only because they stressed the extreme 
langauge requirements out there, Klingon and Latin.  He specifically chose 
them because of their diverse requirements, and because nobody would use them 
yet.  However if you hear his talk on them, or look at them you start to 
understand how powerful the concept is.

This goes doubly for those who are native to other languages.  Ever tried 
that?  I know on the mission I did "Portuguese VB script" (because it was all 
I had).  It's a bastardized mix, where certain keywords had a direct 
translation to PT, but not all of them.  And even when translated, they made 
no sense because nothing around them was translated, and was in the incorrect 

Compare that to perl 6 where you'll natively be able to program in your 
language  (Just like we English natives have gotten used to).  It's a great 
boost for them.

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