Ominous Bug found in TOR/Privoxy default setup

Tyler Strickland tyler at
Sun Aug 14 21:10:52 MDT 2005

On 08/14/05 21:07, Steve wrote:
> Thanks for the info, It's usually something obvious and stupid that gets 
> me :(  That and the fact that I did the setup at about 2am so I probably 
> missed something in the ebuild.
> As an aside, I've now noticed that several sites have banned my IP 
> address since running tor in daemon mode, chief among these being 
> slashdot as well as a few irc servers.
> This appears to be continue even after disabling the tor server and 
> rerouting my own browsing traffic away from the privoxy/tor setup.
> LOL I guess I should have did a little more research on this before 
> setting it up.
> Interestingly enough though, I'm still able to use the gentoo forums 
> regardless of if my tor setup is running or disabled.
> In short, if you frequent certain sites, and you aren't in a dhcp 
> environment, it's probably a bad idea to run a tor server :)
> Ok lesson learned, time to call comcast and ask 'em to give me a new IP 
> address.

I was getting connection refused errors about an hour ago from slashdot, 
so you might try connecting again.  It's working for me now.  I'm also 
on comcast.


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