Ominous Bug found in TOR/Privoxy default setup

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at
Sun Aug 14 19:07:08 MDT 2005

On Sun, 2005-08-14 at 09:45 -0600, Steve wrote:
> At first I didn't think much about it, since I do spend quite a good 
> deal of my time at slashdot, however I about jumped out of my skin
> when I saw a new york times article reffering to M$ as MicroSuck,
> which is what first really brought it to my attention.  Anyways I
> bypassed the proxy just to verify and yep you guessed it, everything
> returned to normal.

Someone who calls Microsoft M$ jumps out of their skin when they see it
spelled MiscoSuck?  O.K.

> I'm not seeing anything about this "feature/bug/whatever", in bugzilla
> or anything, and none of the docs I have read seem to say anything
> about it.

4.20. I've noticed that Privoxy changes "Microsoft" to "MicroSuck"! Why
are you manipulating my browsing?

We're not. The text substitutions that you are seeing are disabled in
the default configuration as shipped. You have either manually activated
the "fun" filter which is clearly labeled "Text replacements for
subversive browsing fun!" or you have implicitly activated it by
choosing the "Adventuresome" profile in the web-based editor (formerly
known as the Advanced profile).

> I really hate censorship in all it's forms, and honestly to me this 
> presents as a form of censorship.

I really hate things getting mislabeled as censorship.


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