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Michael Halcrow mike at
Sun Aug 14 12:57:55 MDT 2005

On Sun, Aug 14, 2005 at 11:46:08AM -0600, Greg Hill wrote:
> I, for one, believe in the TIMTOWTDI mentality.

The problem is that when you have more than one way of expressing a
concept, the language becomes totally unusable. A language with more
than one way of expressing a concept is worthless. When there are
multiple expressions for any given concept, we have a clear indication
of a fatal flaw in the language. A language is unusable if it allows
for two or more expressions of the same concept. When a language
allows for too many different ways of expressing the same concept,
then all expressions are necessarily flawed. Having a plurality of
expressions for an identical concept is an attribute that no
respectable language would harbor. Though there be many unique
instantiations of any concept, the application of such is hopelessly
untenable in any given language.

   When a language has
Multiple ways to conceive
  Then there is no hope

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