Ominous Bug found in TOR/Privoxy default setup

Steve Dibb steve at
Sun Aug 14 10:44:45 MDT 2005

Steve wrote:
> Hello all, this may be a feature but I find it a little unnerving at best.
> For a little fun I decided to finally emerge Tor and Privoxy on my 
> gentoo box (for the reasn why please see, there's just 
> something fun about doing forbidden stuff:)
> Anyways, everything works pretty good except that whenever I'm viewing a 
> page reffering to Microsoft, it appears that the word MicroSuck is being 
> inserted into it's place.
> At first I didn't think much about it, since I do spend quite a good 
> deal of my time at slashdot, however I about jumped out of my skin when 
> I saw a new york times article reffering to M$ as MicroSuck, which is 
> what first really brought it to my attention.  Anyways I bypassed the 
> proxy just to verify and yep you guessed it, everything returned to normal.
> I'm not seeing anything about this "feature/bug/whatever", in bugzilla 
> or anything, and none of the docs I have read seem to say anything about 
> it.
> So I'm curious to know if anyone else could verify this behavior?
> If it's reproducible at least I know I wasn't compromised, but then that 
> begs the question, which one of these programs is causing it, my money 
> would be on Privoxy, just because the program is intended to search and 
> replace stuff coming in from the web, but if thats the case it makes me 
> question what else may be getting replaced on my ultra secure box.
> I really hate censorship in all it's forms, and honestly to me this 
> presents as a form of censorship.
> So in short the way I look at it, this is either something particular to 
> my ebuild (which could be easily disproven by someone else installing 
> and verifying the behavior on a non-gentoo box)
> Or it's a matter of my box having been compromised (which could be 
> disproven by anyone installing Tor and Privoxy under any distro)
> Or it's a feature of the program, an easter egg of sorts and I'm just a 
> little slow on the uptake...
> Anyone?

It's in default.filter in /etc/privoxy


Just comment it out and restart it



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