Thoughts on Perl6

Steve smorrey at
Sun Aug 14 02:17:45 MDT 2005

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that unicode is a bad thing, all I'm 
saying is that it's my only major reservation to migrating once it's 
here, or recommending it for that matter.
It's not so much ME "outsourcing" an app to India, Sri-Lanka or wherever.
I don't know about you guys, but umm I'ld say at least 50-60% of my 
income as a contract programmer (when I CAN actually land a contract 
anymore) involves, modifying some already existing codebase, usually 
some open source app, that does 90% of whats needed and I just add that 
little extra 10% or so, but I'ld also say at least 25% of my programming 
time is spent FIXING, apps that were originally sent to some offshore 
outsourcing firm, for peanuts and maybe a bag of chips, that firm then 
botches the job royaly and I'm hired to "make it work".

Sorry but in those cases the idea of having to look at 1,000,000 lines 
of code in Sinhalese much less debug it, sends a shiver down my spine, 
not that Sinhalese or pretty much any written language is ugly, it's 
just that I have no basis of comparison, and therefore no idea what one 
function may be trying to do over another, especially when you consider 
the entire font set may be comprised of a few thousand symbols all of 
which look pretty much alike.

Anyways just my thoughts, not trying to sound racist or perpetuate 
stereotypes, I do realize there are many, many talented and proficient 
programmers out there, alot of whom could code circles around me. :)

Mister E wrote:

> Alan Young wrote:
>  > There is always going to be security risks.  With everything.  The
>> only secure system is one not plugged in to the wall and the
>> programmer(s) shot.
> wrah wro!  better run scooby do!
>> It doesn't matter what programming language your outsource people are
>> programming in, if the project is more than one file of a couple of
>> subroutines you'd have to spend as much time vetting the code as it
>> would have taken to develop it yourself.  If you don't have a basis of
>> trust with your outsource then it's pointless anyway.
> So true!  however, even if I did outsource, I'd want to be able to 
> read it or be able to hire someone local that could... that is only 
> downfall I can see... the extra cost of hiring an interpreter in 
> addition to a programmer (if it's outside my or my team's knowledge set).
> But all in all, I'm looking forward to Perl6 (okay 90% of me).. the 
> other 10% is "uuugh, I have a lot of work to do to convert and/or 
> recode the schtuff"
> Mister Ed
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