Into the Fray

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Fri Aug 12 15:51:08 MDT 2005

On 8/12/05, garth h <thaabit at> wrote:
> And while were at it, this seems to be a Java vs. Perl battle with
> other languages joining in at the edge of the fray.

Hey, I thought my full-time java defending was done for the week :-). 
Oh well, here I go...

"So far, Java seems like a stinker to me. I've never written a Java
program, never more than glanced over reference books about it, but I
have a hunch that it won't be a very successful language. I may turn
out to be mistaken; making predictions about technology is a dangerous
business. But for what it's worth, as a sort of time capsule, here's
why I don't like the look of Java:"

This paragraph near the top of the article is a shining example why I
think that Brother Graham is a bitter psudo-elitist and just wants to
bash Java because it's succeeded while arc and lisp have not.  This
article was written in 2001.  By then Java was already the crushingly
dominant language in the market (and it's only become more so).  The
man's comments are just so painfully ignorant (or is he just spreading
FUD?) it angers me to even give the time of day to point out the
obvious.  The man admits he's never written Java -- he's never tried
to solve a real-world problem with the language and yet he's magically
able to predict the demise of the laguage (oops, too late.  It's
already wildly popular.).  Java is the man to beat, and Paul Graham is
oozing with envy.

I'm glad to know that Paul Graham "doesn't like the look of Java". 
Whooptie-doo Basil...  I don't like the taste of Miracle Whip.

Let's have Brother Graham pass his own test.  He's recently stated this:

"Someone who proposes to run Windows on servers ought to be prepared
to explain what they know about servers that Google and Yahoo don't

I totally agree with him.  If you use a Windows based server you need
to get your head checked.  But he ought to be able to explain what he
knows about programming that Goole and Yahoo don't know.  Both Google
and Yahoo have turned to Java to produce their most feature-rich
online products (gmail and yahoo's web builder).  So why is that?  Why
is it that we have more language choices than ever yet when the going
gets tuff these companies have leveraged Java to produce their most
sophisticated products?  It must have been those dirty "suits" at the
top that held a gun (well first they held a 100 hour "java" meeting)
to the head of the architect and they were FORCED to use Java.

Bzzzt.  I know it's hard to believe but Java was eagarly CHOSEN by
these companies because it rocks all day long.

BTW - I know I'm supposed to lunge at the throat of Perl and say how
it sucks, but I just don't think that's true.  The market forces don't
agree with that statement.  Perl is popular and has been around
forever for good reason, but it's never been, nor will it ever been
#1...  For good reason.


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