Interesting Quote (please kill me)

dataw0lf digitalsuicide at
Fri Aug 12 13:46:32 MDT 2005

Jonathan Ellis wrote:

> Oh, so you being rude is "challenging."  When it's someone else it's
> "attacking personally."
> Okay, dude.  Go back to training people in second-rate technology.  I'm
> done.

You've accused Stuart of dodging your 'challenges', but all I see,
throughout your posts, is a weak fallback on ad hominem arguments.  If
you can't defend Python properly, or excuse yourself with a bit of class
from the argument, then don't bother posting.  You're reflecting bad on
the rest of us Pythonistas who're watching, and don't seem to know how
to effectively argue anything.

Take a breather, collect your wits, and then perhaps formulate a sound


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