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Jonathan Ellis jonathan at
Fri Aug 12 13:44:18 MDT 2005

On Fri, 12 Aug 2005 14:23:24 -0400, JStay at said:
> > Sure.  I spent 3 years doing desktop app work in Java.  
> > Java's language design is not without warts, but overall 
> > pretty good.  Swing et al are also pretty good.
> > 
> > Java just sucks for web applications, in large part (but not 
> > entirely) because of the available libraries.
> Just curious, what languages do you think are good then?

For web applications?

My current favorite is Python (with Spyce).  I've also written tens of
thousands of loc in TCL as well (with OpenACS) with no major complaints;
however, TCL is just a little too feeble when you need to do more
advanced things (e.g., passing arrays--hashes--around functions is
pretty clunky).

C# with ASP.NET is okay.  It's teetering at the edge of overcomplicated
but not quite over the line IMO. :)

(Java and C# are so close that it's worth pointing out again that it's
all about the libraries, at least when the language itself doesn't
inherently suck.  Java per se doesn't.)

I could probably live with Ruby; it's strongly influenced by perl but
with Ruby TMTOWTDI isn't an idol to which everything else is sacrificed.

I've used others but I won't mention those since you asked for good
ones. :)


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