Interesting Quote (please kill me)

Mister E Mister.Ed at
Fri Aug 12 13:33:31 MDT 2005

Jonathan Ellis wrote:
>>So that's a built in behavior of your favorite language? This is a
>>trivial thing to do with various libraries in many languages.
> Trivial?  I've contributed code to two Python ORM tools (PyDO2 and
> SqlObject) and I'm pretty familiar (or was, a couple years ago) with the
> internals of the Java SimpleORM.  I wouldn't say this is a trivial
> problem.  On deep experience with which ORM codebases do you base this
> assertion?  I'd like to know who has solved the problem so completely
> and thorougly that you describe a subject on which many PhD theses have
> been written as "trivial."
> Or were you just talking out your ass again?

Okay, this brings me in.  What kind of lame junk is this?  When you 
can't fight, you resort to this low class crap?

Nobody cares what you contributed.  Hell, I wouldn't give a hoot in hell 
now after seeing this.

Many folks in here need to get a grip on reality (or a better hobby than 
stirring up the mud in here).  I used to spend 3 months  (a million 
years ago in programming time) coding away so that I could make a 
computer speaker beep and play a tune resembling out national anthem, 
while displaying a boxy looking character in 8 colors saluting a flag 
that pretended to go up and down a flagpole.  Before this I did card 
punch.  So, relative to all this, all these languages are good.  Every 
language has it's use and every language needs to evolve as well.  So ya 
know what? ...  I'm fascinated by most of the languages out there that 
I've come across (except PHP and the dreaded Miscrosnot version).  They 
make me more productive as well as other programmers I know.

If you want an easy programming language that all you have to do is 
type, then I think yer just in a data entry position with some thinking 
processes involved.  If you have to read a line of code twice (such as 
in a flexible language as PERL), just means it's a different style.  If 
you need a lemming language that only has one way to do it, then use it. 
  I use and have used ones that annoy any programmer ... such as RPG II 
.. and I view some aspects of python as only a more advanced version of 
"lemmingness". But I still don't refrain from it from time to time.

I personally Like PERL, and use it for large and small projects.  I 
haven't found anything that makes it lame or inadequate or hard to 
maintain others code (even if I hate the way their using it). This is 
true of most languages I've used in last 25+ years.  But I don't use 
PERL for everything.   But would I use any one single language for 
everything, that would be a resounding no way.

So if yer needing to defend your programming preference in such an 
abrasive style (meaning each one of us introspectively), then you 
probably need to hit the books or try a few other languages to broaden 
your horizons.


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