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Fri Aug 12 11:52:30 MDT 2005

Stuart Jansen wrote:

> "Who cares?" Flame wars are a fun part of the Plug culture.

I've never seen this amount of arrogancy on any local LUG list before in
my life.  Not that it's bad, mind you, I fit in but.. meh.. troll
jacking threads is for the birds.

> "Work with what you know." So I should stick my head in the sand and
> stop learning once I know Java/ColdFusion/PHP/VB? I've worked with
> people like that. Not fun. Not good for their employer either.

I'm sorry, let me rephrase that (and I like how you picked the least
favorite of all languages for a comparison;  many on the list seem to do
exactly that with Perl, no?).  Right tool for the right job, and if you
like it, continue to use (and abuse) it.  If someone wants to use VB for
X script / application / whatever, who are you to stop them?  They're in
a professional environment, most likely, and guess what:  speedy
productivity and indepth knowledge of the _applied_ language wins over
theoretical arguments on why VB sucks so much worse than.. whatever.  I
know alot of languages, and (I hope) use them for what works best for
the job at hand.  Some people won't, or can't, do that.  So what?

> That might be true, but some things suck worse.

Too true.  But getting bogged down in what sucks worse over something
else is distracting everybody from what might actually _matter_ and
that's shining features of particular languages.  Bah, the internet is
all about negativity. :)


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