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JStay at JStay at
Fri Aug 12 11:03:15 MDT 2005

> Yeah, it's turing-complete.  So what?
> The only difference between good code and bad code is exactly 
> "what it looks like inside."  Perl5 makes it easy to write 
> bad code and from what I've seen of perl6 that won't change.

(Sorry, couldn't just stick to the pointer) I don't get this argument -
how is Perl any different than any other language in being easy to write
bad code.  It's pretty easy to write bad code in pure Java, just as well
as C++, PHP, Python, and Ruby.  It's the tools, libraries, and
frameworks that you use with each of the languages that keep a developer
in line.  To me that has nothing to do with TIMTOWTDI.  The great thing
about Perl is you can use these methodologies to force you to write good
code, but you can write good code in multiple ways.  Now I'll refer back
to my pointer to the archives as to the opinionated argument on whether
that is a good thing or not for a company or user.  The concept of "good
code" is in the eye of the beholder.


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